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The bike world is a funny place.  There are so many desirable brands - Yeti, Orbea, Assos, FSA, SRAM, Zipp, Park Tools... - across all manner of products - bikes, clothing, components, helmets, shoes, tools, accessories... So how does a bike shop decide what brands they want to carry?  

There are basically two ways.  Some shops look at brands that have well-known names, and choose those because they know that people are drawn to them.  Other shops, like ours, take an objective look at the actual products from each company, and decide what to carry based on the reality of the product.  For us, the brand names themselves are not important.  We look for quality, matched with value - basically we're looking at bang for your buck.  How do we measure that?  By doing a lot of hands-on testing on our own.  We are not content to believe what sales reps and bike magazines tell us - we work hard to find out for ourselves.  We're constantly testing equipment, whether it's riding with a new brand of shorts, a new helmet, wheels, suspension, brakes or pedals, or weighing individual components down to the gram, we do everything in our power to find out for ourselves what products really stand for quality, and therefore what products provide YOU, the customer, with the best value.  

Welcome to our shop, here's a mini tour of the place!

Our freshly rebuilt service area.  You won't find a cleaner, better equipped shop anywhere.

Our freshly rebuilt service area.  You won't find a cleaner, better equipped shop anywhere.


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